What does Semaglutide do to the body?


What does Semaglutide do to the body? Suppose you’ve seen the recent addition of semaglutide (brand name Wegovy) to the list of FDA-approved treatments for weight management. In that case, you may wonder what sets it apart from other medical weight loss interventions. More specifically, what does semaglutide do to the body? Is it new? Semaglutide is not a new drug. According to drugs.com, semaglutide has been used to treat type II diabetes since receiving FDA approval under the brand name Ozempic in 2017 as a longer-lasting alternative to the daily [...]

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How fast does semaglutide work? 


How fast does semaglutide work?  Introduction  If you’re reading this article, I can reasonably assume you are looking to lose weight. Perhaps you want to lose weight by a deadline: wedding, class or family reunion, surgical deadline, or other personal reasons. You found this article by wondering – how fast does semaglutide work? To answer this question, I believe it’s valuable to have a baseline understanding of the medication and how it works first. Don’t worry; this won’t take too long. What is semaglutide? Semaglutide is a newly FDA-approved weight loss [...]

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Semaglutide What Is Semaglutide? Semaglutide is a new medication that was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for weight loss. It is sold under the brand name Wegovy, and is combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise program to help people lose weight.  It belongs to a class of medications known as incretin mimetics, which cause the pancreas to release insulin when blood sugar levels are high. Another semaglutide medication, sold under the brand name Ozempic, is used to help control blood sugar levels in people with type [...]


Lipotropic Injections: An Overview


Lipotropic Injections: An Overview Lipotropic injections are supplement injections used for weight loss. In fact, a lipotropic nutrient is any substance that affects fat metabolism in the body [1]. Lipotropic injections include a cocktail of weight-loss promoting agents, such as vitamin B12. Lipotropic injections are not meant to be a substitute for dieting and exercise, but they can be a complimentary approach to facilitate weight loss. In this article we will explore what lipotropic injections are, how they work, and what weight loss is like with lipotropic injections. Keep reading to find out [...]

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Covid-19 Update


As a medical office whose top priority is the health and wellness of our patients, we are taking the appropriate measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus as outlined by the CDC. Click to learn more about Rivas Medical Weight Loss's response to Covid-19.

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