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Brenda Hose Avatar
Brenda Hose
1 month ago - Google

I came to Rivas after leaving another weight loss center located in Virginia. I was told at the Virginia clinic that I wouldn’t lose weight due to the fact that... Read more

Squirrel Friends Avatar
Squirrel Friends
2 months ago - Google

First appointment was a great experience from start to finish. Very well organized and friendly staff/physicians. They listened and seem to have my best interests in mind for... Read more

Christine Basile Avatar
Christine Basile
3 months ago - Google

When I started my weight loss journey I came across this place. I had my mind made up on what plan I would want to do to lose the weight.... Read more

Dana Tolson-Blake Avatar
Dana Tolson-Blake
3 months ago - Google

At my 1st apt I was seen on time and was treated well. The front desk staff was nice and other clients were glad to tell me how they are... Read more

C Chaplin Avatar
C Chaplin
3 months ago - Google

Receptionist very professional, and friendly. Made you feel welcomed.

Melissa Miller Avatar
Melissa Miller
3 months ago - Google

This was my first visit. I had a great experience. The staff was pleasant. Questions were answered. I look forward to my journey!

T M4 Avatar
T M4
3 months ago - Google

The staff were very friendly. The doctor was helpful in explaining how the program works. Week 1 & I’ve already lost 2 pounds!

Michelle Valdez Avatar
Michelle Valdez
4 months ago - Google

I really enjoyed meeting with the staff at Rivas. They really took the time to explain the program options to me, they answered all of my questions and took the... Read more

Roberta Nave Avatar
Roberta Nave
4 months ago - Google

My appointment went very well, staff was very nice. Was given hope that they can help me. Am looking forward to my next appointment in 2 weeks. Thank you so... Read more

Liz Strevig Avatar
Liz Strevig
4 months ago - Google

Very informative! The doctor made sure I understood everything. I came early and was taken care of immediately. Super easy!

Elizabeth Strevig Avatar
Elizabeth Strevig
4 months ago - Google

Very informative! The doctor made sure I understood everything. I came early and was taken care of immediately. Super easy!

Laura Hatoff Avatar
Laura Hatoff
4 months ago - Google

Absolutely professional. Very welcoming and no pressure....just information. No time limit on questions. If you are thinking about checking them out...I highly recommend them!

Vanessa Rini-Lopez Avatar
Vanessa Rini-Lopez
4 months ago - Google

Things are going well so far. The intermittent fasting works really well and has cut down on my cravings. I like that Rivas has me eating real food... Read more

Mary Dick Avatar
Mary Dick
4 months ago - Google

My first visit was very informative and I felt comfortable with my choice of weight loss method. I would recommend Rivas Medical Weight Loss to anyone looking for solutions... Read more

Crystal White Avatar
Crystal White
4 months ago - Google

Consultation was very informative. The Doctor was very honest about the process. Gave recommendations and steps on how to be successful with this process. Staff was friendly. Office was clean... Read more

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