Semaglutide Injections

New game changing treatment for weight loss:

  • Reduces appetite and food cravings, increases feeling of fullness

  • Lowers weight, waist size, blood pressure, blood sugar, and inflammation

  • Majority of patients had at least 15% weight loss, with many losing more than 20%

  • Weekly painless under-the-skin injections

  • Regular consultations with a medical provider

  • Newly FDA approved for weight loss, safely used for diabetes since 2017

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Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe weight management is similar to a chronic condition like high blood pressure, and should be treated as such, with medication supported by lifestyle changes. We treat our patients from a medical point of view, rather than from a judgmental willpower or character flaw perspective. We now boast a very high success rate with this approach.

Affordable Pricing Program

Initial visit and 1st treatment$195
Weekly follow-up visit and treatment$110

Risk Free Initial Visit

Initial consultation is free. Only $195 if you choose to start treatment.

  • Consultation with Medical Provider
  • 2 weeks of Medication Dispensed Onsite

  • Personalized Treatment Plan

  • Educational Packets

  • Free Lipotropic B12 Injection

  • Free Body Composition Analysis (select locations)

  • Additional Service Coupons
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Take Home Instructions

Patients meet with a provider weekly to receive their injection. If you are traveling or at a maintenance dose, you have the option to take injections home and do it yourself. Below are instructions for injecting the medication at home.


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Lose weight – Feel Great – No Contract

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