Semaglutide (generic Ozempic) and Tirzepatide (generic Mounjaro) In Stock

Tirzepatide – The newest innovation in weight loss injection

Person Getting A Shot

Introducing the most effective weight loss injection:

  • Reduces appetite and cravings, increases feeling of fullness
  • Increases fat burning and lowers blood sugar
  • Majority of patients in the clinical trial lost at least 20% of their body weight
  • Weekly painless under-the-skin injections activating GLP-1 and GIP

  • Regular consultations with a medical provider
  • FDA fast track to be approved for weight loss, approved and used for diabetes since May 2022
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Cutting edge treatment for weight loss

Most lose more than 22% of their body weight

Liquid gastric bypass, dramatically reduces appetite

Obesity is a chronic medical condition not a personal choice

Typically only $500-640/ month

All our pricing includes the cost
of the visit and the medication

No Contract
You only pay for what you get

Up to 50% off typical pharmacy price

FSA and HSA Accepted

The price of treatment depends on the dose you are prescribed. Patients start off coming every week and can then extend to every 4 weeks. Progression of dosing is dependent on individual treatment plans.

First visit + 1 low dose injection $195
Follow-up visit + 1 low dose injection $125
Follow-up visit + 1 mid dose injection $140
Follow-up visit + 1 high dose injection $160
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“Other weight loss places may make promises and guarantees, but instead of gimmicks we prefer to let the results speak for themselves. Results are dependent on individuals, so come and find out what you can achieve.”

With this treatment you can start to lose weight fast. It is common to lose weight from your first treatment. 

This treatment is a particularly good fit for you if you are looking for a long term solution, you have taken phentermine or another stimulant medication (like ADHD meds) before, and/or you need to lose more than 10-15 lbs.

You can not be treated with tirzepitide if you have:

  • Medullary Thyroid cancer

  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia

  • Type 1 Diabetics

  • Type 2 diabetics already taking a GLP-1 medication

  • History of pancreatitis

  • Chronic kidney disease (unless cleared by nephrologist)

  • Nursing, Pregnant, or trying to get pregnant

You can still use phentermine if you have any other medical conditions not listed above.

Short moments of nausea,

Constipation or diarrhea


Takes away desire for alcohol

Yes, unlike vaccines or many other shots you may think of, this injection is done with a tiny needle that only goes under the skin, not into muscle. Patients often don’t realize we already gave the shot.

We do not process any insurance. Unfortunately, most insurance companies refuse to cover medical weight loss, but we are happy to provide invoices for reimbursement if your insurance does. Some patients are able to get reimbursed for the visit.

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Risk Free Initial Visit

Initial consultation is free. Only $195 if you choose to start treatment.

  • Consultation with Medical Provider
  • 2 weeks of Medication Dispensed Onsite

  • Personalized Treatment Plan

  • Educational Packets

  • Free Lipotropic B12 Injection

  • Free Body Composition Analysis (select locations)

  • Additional Service Coupons
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Convenient Treatment

  • Early, late, and weekend hours
  • Online booking and forms
  • Medications dispensed on-site
  • 7 convenient locations
  • Always visit with a Doctor or PA


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Home Injection Instructions

Patients meet with a provider weekly to receive their injection. If you are traveling or at a maintenance dose, you have the option to take injections home and do it yourself. Below are instructions for injecting the medication at home.

Lose weight – Feel Great – No Contract

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