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We strongly encourage our patients to strive for overall well-being rather than focus entirely on every inch and pound. Often, feeling more in control in one area of life translates into many other areas as well. Below are a collection of links and resources to inform and encourage you along your journey to better health. Happy reading!

How can I tell if I’m overweight? Calculate your BMI

How Can I Get the Most Benefit Out Of The Program? Please view our What to Expect page  

Dr. Paul Rivas is the author of five well-received books regarding medical weight loss. We strongly encourage all patients to read Dr. Rivas’ books in order to fully understand the weight loss process. Dr. Rivas’ books serve as the best references you can find for getting the most benefit out of our program.

View and Purchase Dr. Rivas’ Books Below:

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General Health, Vitamins, and Supplements: