Patient Resources.

Patient Resources

We strongly encourage our patients to strive for overall well-being rather than focus entirely on every inch and pound. Often, feeling more in control in one area of life translates into many other areas as well. Below are a collection of links and resources to inform and encourage you along your journey to better health. Happy reading!

How can I tell if I’m overweight? Calculate your BMI

How Can I Get the Most Benefit Out Of The Program? Please view our What to Expect page  

Dr. Paul Rivas is the author of five well-received books regarding medical weight loss. We strongly encourage all patients to read Dr. Rivas’ books in order to fully understand the weight loss process. Dr. Rivas’ books serve as the best references you can find for getting the most benefit out of our program.

View and Purchase Dr. Rivas’ Books Below:

Dr. Rivas Recommends:

Dr. Rivas is Top Rated on Vitals! View His Profile Here: -

Dr. Rivas is Top Rated on HealthGrades! View His Profile Here: -

Dr. Rivas is Top Rated on A BetterDoctor! View His Profile Here: - 

Dr. Rivas’ Interview with the Carroll Magazine about our national obesity epidemic: -

Dr. Rivas’ Interview with ABC News Good Morning America: -

Student Review of Turn off the Hunger Switch from Hawaii Pacific University: -

View Dr. Rivas’ Diet Tips on - 

General Health, Vitamins, and Supplements:

An honest, straightforward guide to vitamins, supplements and nutrition:

Health Advice, News, and Articles:

Excellent Articles on Supplements and General Health:

Life Extension Magazine Health and Supplement Resources:

Alternative Medicine Guide to Supplements that Actually Can Work!

Healthy Meal Planning:

Struggling with Diet and Exercise?

You are Not Alone! Find Out Why Diet Fail to Help You Achieve and Maintain Your Weight Loss:

Psychology Today; Why Your Diet Doesn’t Work -

How Smoking Effects the Health of Children and Babies -

Quit Smoking –

Women’s Health: Diet’s Don’t Work -

Why the Atkins Diet Doesn’t Work: -

NBC News Report; Why Dieting Fails -

Time Magazine: Exercise Doesn’t Equal Weight Loss:,9171,1914974,00.html

Exercise Won’t Make You Thin -

Diet and Exercise May Not Always Be Enough for Weight Loss:

But is Still Extremely Important for Overall Health! Here are Some Helpful Diet and Exercise Tips:

Weight Management Tips via Facebook:

Diet VS. Exercise, Which is More Helpful For Weight Loss?

Time to Sweat! Read Our Selected Fitness and Exercise Resources:

Need Some Healthy Food Inspiration?

Healthy Cooking and Recipe Ideas:

Healthy Smoothie Recipes!

Wishing for Some Inner Calm? Find Your Own Style of Balanced Living:

Quiet Your Mind Through Meditation:

Find Balance:

Daily Tips for a Balanced Life:

Bring Peace into Your Home:

Find Your Zen: 

Naturally Healthy: Natural and Organic Wellness:

Natural and Organic Solutions:

Whole Living:

Yoga for All:

Natural Beauty Tips:

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