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Weight Loss Energy Complex

Dr. Paul Rivas Introduces New Weight Loss Supplement

Over several years Dr. Rivas developed a safe and effective blend of natural supplements that work together to mimic medication and fool the body into loosing weight.

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Boosts energy
  • Increases metabolism and fat burning
  • Improves mood and focus
  • Decreases appetite and cravings

Use alone as a great option for natural drug-free weight loss and maintenance. Safe and recommended in combination with weight loss medications and B12 injections for enhanced results.

Natural Supplement Testimonials

I'm down 50 pounds in 6 months, and I feel great! I've always struggled with uncontrollable hunger, but with the hunger under control I've been able to manage my portions and stop the late night binge eating. The staff at the clinic are awesome, the hours are convenient, the prices are very reasonable, appointments never run more than 10 minutes behind schedule, nobody tries to pressure me into services I don't want, and I've met with Dr. Rivas personally almost every time I've been there.
Lost 50 Lbs
- Kate W.
I lost 57 lbs in a few months. Even better though, I no longer have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and or sleep apnea. I initially only joined the program because of my wife’s nagging, but I am so happy I did! The change is so dramatic, I need to get a new ID because people don’t believe it is me.
Reversed Diabetes and Sleep Apnea
- Raymond D.
When I heard about Rivas I was very unhappy with my weight and I was getting married in a year. After about 2 weeks on the program I had already lost weight and had way more energy. One year later and I am so happy to let everyone know I looked DAM good for my wedding and was the weight I wanted to be: 60 pounds lighter!
Wedding Ready- Down 60 lbs
- Samantha L.
I’ve been a patient here for 2yrs now and love it! They have not only helped me reach my goal but maintain. Only place I have found that will stay with you. I wanted long term real weight control and Dr. Rivas provides that.
Long Term Success
- Mark W.

Lose weight – Feel Great – No Contract