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While diet and exercise are the keys to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for men and women, sometimes diet and exercise alone are not enough.  If you have extra fat that won’t go away even when you are working out, medical treatment may be your answer.  Our program is far easier and more affordable than you might think.  Being fit is the first step toward a healthy, happy life!

Many more factors than diet and exercise affect your chances of being overweight. Aging, hormones, medications (such as antidepressants), and genetics all influence weight. Aging also leads to decreased muscle mass, especially if you aren’t physically active, slowing down the rate at which your body burns calories.


Belly Fat is More Than Just Unsightly

Belly fat is unattractive.  You don’t enjoy looking at it in the mirror, women find it unappealing, and you feel shabby with your shirt off.

Belly fat affects more than your trim figure and your sex appeal. You may have noticed that you have more trouble sleeping, your lower back hurts, and your knees and ankles ache after exercise. You may get fatigued faster and have a lower libido than you used to.

Belly fat isn’t just limited to what you can see on the surface (subcutaneous fat), it also includes visceral fat — which is inside your abdomen and surrounds your internal organs. Belly fat is a metabolically active tissue that functions like a separate organ, releasing substances into the rest of your body that can increase your risk of disease.

Regardless of your overall weight, having a large amount of belly fat increases your risk of a total of 39 diseases; these include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, and many others. This is bad news for those who keep putting off that diet and exercise until “tomorrow.” Unfortunately, excess belly fat is a very common problem in men, and it gets harder to get rid of as time goes on. Diet and exercise are very important keys to lowering fat, but they may not be enough their own.


Why Choose Us?

You no longer have to feel guilty about your growing waistline or disappointed about not being able to lose weight on your own. We offer an affordable and practical solution that fits into your everyday life. We have many patients just like you who have steadily and safely lost weight with our program.

Moderate diet and exercise combined with appetite suppressants is an exceptionally effective treatment for weight loss!


  • Free of gimmicks and ridiculous diets and exercise routines
  • No commitment or contracts of any kind
  •  Morning and evening hours to accommodate your schedule
  • We use only safe, ephedrine-free, FDA approved medications
  • We are the largest medical weight loss practice in the state, with over 80,000 patients safely treated over the past 25 years
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Even if you are unable to be physically active, our program can help you lose weight easily and effectively.

Don’t put off having the body you deserve, call us today to schedule your first consultation!x

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